Daily Miles: 16
Total Miles: 2,161
Fish Caught: None

After a good breakfast and Jairaj’s wife Betty Anne packed me an enormous lunch, Jairaj dropped me back off at Pennell’s Marina for the day. Today’s paddle ended up being shorter than I expected as the marinas that I had looked up last night would not accept my kayak for the night. Luckily, Jairaj knows the waterway well and we had a plan B. Just before the Boynton Beach Inlet there is a little cove with a day dock and walking trail that has no parking lot, so I just locked my kayak to the back of one of the docks and got my valuables out again. Jairaj picked me up around three thirty on the nearby road, so I’ve got a bed for another night. Tonight they had some friends from Chicago over and we all had pizza and salad. Another fun night and hopefully some good rest.

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