Day 321



Daily Miles: 20

I woke up briefly to see the sunrise this morning but fell back asleep til eight before finally getting up and going through my routine. I got on the water around nine and made decent time most of the morning. I could hear explosives going off periodically last night and as I passed the inlet near Snead's Ferry I watched the explosions going off this morning on the marine base. I was close enough to feel the pressure waves and it was a neat way to start the day. I passed through the Camp Lejune marine base during the middle of the day and saw some of their training grounds.
The Intracoastal passes through part of the base's live firing area
Some kind of small tank riddled with bullet and shrapnel holes. I saw at least five of these...
By two o'clock I was through Camp Lejune and I picked up a bit of current throughout the afternoon. I stopped at Casper Marina in Swansboro to change into dry clothes before walking to a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in town for some oranges. While gone I put my phone on the charger and when I got back I talked to a small family about my trip before studying a summary map of the Carolina coast that the marina lady gave me. When I got back to my kayak, someone I had talked to had left almost $20 cash on my kayak seat. If you're reading this, thank you! So now I'm camped on a spoil island across from Swansboro and looking forward to some beautiful weather tomorrow.
Summary map of my next 1-2 weeks
Swansboro across the channel


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